I have taught in the undergraduate classroom and lab as a solo instructor. Out of my 3 years of teaching experience, I have instructed over 100 students. As a professional consultant, I instructed end-users on implementation and use of new software.


MAC 1140 Precalculus Algebra (Florida State University)
CHE 106L General Chemistry I Lab (University of Southern Mississippi)

MAC 1140 Evaluation

Through my role as the MAC 1140 instructor, I participated in the Program for Instructional Excellence conference/TA orientation and workshops. In addition, my syllabus, course materials, and lectures were evaluated by a Ph.D.-holding member of the mathematics department.

My MAC 1140 students (total = 59) participated in end-of-course evaluations. There was a 69.5% response rate. The following percentages of students rated my skills in the following areas as “Excellent” or “Very good” (categories 5 and 4, respectively, on a 5-point Likert scale):

78.0% Description of course objectives and assignments
75.6% Communication of ideas and information
87.8% Expression of expectations for performance in class
90.2% Availability to assist students in or out of class
85.4% Respect and concern for students
68.3% Stimulation of interest in the course
68.3% Facilitation of learning
80.5% Overall assessment of instructor